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Office chair – 3d model

Office chair free 3d model. Office furniture. Chair with wheels for office render scenes. Free 3ds max model

Office desk and chairs

Office desk and office chairs with wheels for 3ds max. You can use it in your office scenes. Free 3d model. Interior renders.
Rar Archive – .max format with textures



Modern couch – 3d model

Modern sofa or couch with peninsula and armchair. With cushions. For interior scenes of modern living rooms. 3ds max free model.

Office desk with computers – 3d model

Office desk with computers,  office chairs, printers, lcd monitors,  drawers 3d model. Textures included. 3ds max free model.

Sit woman – 3d model

Sit woman free 3d model. Free download of a girl sit on a chair. For interior scenes and outdoor renders.